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Transformation in Uncertain Times

by Carolina Toledo Since March we have been immersed in an unusual scenario of uncertainty that accelerates a process of social, economic, and political transformation. This new reality brings with it a new learning challenge, we will need to develop

Transformation in Uncertain Times2021-02-11T19:12:23-03:00

Possibility Intervals

by Carolina Toledo The beauty and art of being yourself. Who am I? A simple question that is, at the same time, complex to answer Not long ago, I heard a piece of advice from a well-meaning person who told

Possibility Intervals2021-02-11T19:10:28-03:00

I Am Not a Robot

by Ana Patricia Carvalho Today's news from LinkedIn itself that Brazilian e-commerce grew 81% in April (link at the end) got me thinking about how the increasing digitization of the economy will impact the way we relate to brands and

I Am Not a Robot2021-02-11T19:08:50-03:00

Integral Entrepreneurship: Purpose!

by Daniel Lindenberg Badke Entrepreneuring a business is like sitting on the first roller coaster ride, you have to have courage, and this is a belly thrill. Entrepreneurship with Purpose is believing to see, it's like sitting in the first

Integral Entrepreneurship: Purpose!2021-02-11T19:03:21-03:00

Audio – Polarization, hyper-problems and the social media.

Today's hyper-problems - such as the Covid-19 pandemic and global warming - become even more acute with the polarization brought about by the massive use of social media. Within the networks our worldviews are underlined and reinforced by algorithms

Audio – Polarization, hyper-problems and the social media.2021-02-11T18:59:14-03:00
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