by Carolina Toledo

Since March we have been immersed in an unusual scenario of uncertainty that accelerates a process of social, economic, and political transformation.

This new reality brings with it a new learning challenge, we will need to develop leadership skills that value and promote the development of more aware, self-managing, diverse, collaborative, and digitalized individuals and teams, with a culture based on caring.

We are facing the re-signification of themes such as digital transformation, agile processes, plurality of knowledge, and interrelated work. By looking at these issues with a focus on the well-being and care of people and the environment, as a way to improve performance, engagement, self-confidence and ultimately the whole business system will benefit.

What we are observing today shows us that the traditional format is not only obsolete, but was one of the causes for the current scenario and that self-knowledge, purpose and collaboration will be part of the new normal.

I believe in restless, questioning leadership that connects with the new reality from a place of curiosity and experience. And so it engages with what emerges by asking itself how it sees itself affected and can affect by believing in uncertainty and new possibilities. Thus, what we see emerging is an individual and cultural transformation. What we most foster at Chie, where I am an integrator, is cognitive diversity, which allows good exchanges and good questions within the team, people who develop themselves, challenge their mindset, that’s why we believe in the vertical development of individuals and the formation of safe environments in organizations.