Both Smartbank, a digital finance company, and Kunumi, a technology company focused on artificial intelligence, are companies that, despite operating in different segments, have a very close profile. Our mission in both organizations was to bring purpose and awareness to the people and the business from the experience with the teams and the founders (visionary individuals with above average intelligence) in order to elaborate their manifesto and new strategies. By conducting several workshops in the same model we used at Fleury and other companies, we created a common repertoire based on the awareness of people and the broadening of the level of consciousness of the organizations so that they would have the necessary support during their identity building processes, management model, and team building. The process in at the two companies, to date, are still ongoing at Chie.

As a result of our performance so far, understanding that these are two startups that grow exponentially and undergo very fast transformations, we realized that it was important to leave very well structured perennial principles, identities, strategies, and manifestos of each one to support a sustainable and conscious evolution for both businesses. The content developed for each of these points can be seen in the next paragraphs.

SmartBank, as it defines itself, has the security of a bank and the agility of a fintech. It has a complete banking structure approved by the Central Bank, and a technological DNA. It has partners and shareholders with strong innovation and financial market know-how, such as The Hive Group: an investment company specialized in the co-creation of startups involving Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, with headquarters in Silicon Valley and operations in Brazil and India. And the Indusval Group: a financial group with more than 50 years of history, which has executives with great history and notoriety in the Brazilian financial market. Its purpose is to empower entrepreneurs with inclusive and transformative financial solutions through values that “inspire our way of being Growing Together, Learning, Transparency, Simplicity, and Owner Attitude” [1].

SmartBank Manifesto

We believe in people’s potential, in their entrepreneurial capacity, and that everyone can grow and evolve regardless of their history.

We trust that the power to transform the world comes through inquiries about the status quo, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence and consistency in everything we do and everyone we cooperate with.

Our entrepreneurial vocation wants to produce and accomplish new, daring, and challenging things to develop a new reality that will positively transform the lives of our customers and partners and help them realize their full potential in a responsible, sustainable way, always based on constructive and quality attitudes and relationships.

In this way, we build an intelligent digital ecosystem, based on trust, excellence, and innovation, which in its essence unites creativity, technology, and real and quality relationships, valued for their cultural multiplicity and human capacity.

We are an agile, complete, uncomplicated, and bold bank that believes in innovation and in the human potential for achievement, focused on creating unique experiences while respecting the regulations and the rules of the game to value the time and achievements of our customers, partners, associates, and our team, in balance with society and the planet.

We will always seek to be connected and integrated to the development potential of all partners and customers in our business ecosystem, keeping alive our purpose of making the best ideas a new reality and making this journey grow together.

Very nice to meet you. Welcome from all the SmartBank team!

Kunumi is a Brazilian company that was born at the Federal University of Minas Gerais to study and work with artificial intelligence mechanisms consciously and ethically. Kunumi reimagines complex challenges through the lens of artificial intelligence. Your journey is to unlock new viewpoints and discoveries that will lead us humans and our planet into a balanced future.[2] Another focus of the organization is not to lose its professionals to technology multinationals, such as Google and Facebook, for example, and to have people who have chosen to work in technology to positively transform reality.

Started in early 2016, Kunumi is the result of many studies and research by its founders (a professor and a former UFMG student) to create a technological platform that mimics the functioning of the brain. With its artificial neural network, the platform can analyze gigantic databases, find patterns, and bring solutions to different problems that would take humans decades to solve. It is, in short, an artificial intelligence startup, the same field of research that is on the radar of the world’s leading technology companies. Its purpose is to distribute knowledge, prosperity, and well-being through the responsible development of Artificial Intelligence.

Among the critical uncertainties we raised during the work we did together were sustainability, climate, inequality, and health. Issues that, for them, exceed their capacity in size and complexity. Kunumi believes it needs to scale its potential to find answers to these uncertainties. And it is on this climb that we find ourselves today, together, towards a broader and more ethical consciousness. Kunumi’s Manifesto

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