by Daniel Lindenberg Badke

Entrepreneuring a business is like sitting on the first roller coaster ride, you have to have courage, and this is a belly thrill.

Entrepreneurship with Purpose is believing to see, it’s like sitting in the first cart and, even without seeing the path, believing it exists, and this is an emotion felt in the heart and in the belly.

“You must believe boy!”

Entrepreneurship from an integral viewpoint allows us to give a greater meaning to the journey, and it all starts with the Purpose. Businesses that are born with Purpose are those that are born with soul, a place of subtle but extremely powerful connection.

Are you entrepreneurial because you saw a market opportunity and it is associated with an unmet need of yours, or is it a form of expression of your Life Purpose, in the service of something greater, where your gifts and talents find in the enterprise their best form of expression?

A reflection, “Am I undertaking from the outside in or from the inside out?”

In my case, after numerous businesses, I feel that for the first time I am moving from my Purpose and this has a very special flavor. It’s a step of faith, I have no idea what the road ahead will be like, but as things are happening it’s like the roller coaster ride is slowed down and now it’s happening almost in slow motion, and so I can perceive the details better, feel the nuances more, and my actions seem more precise.

So, if somehow you haven’t connected with your Life Purpose yet, maybe it would be interesting to take a step back, seek to know what really makes sense for your life, and observe if after that business is still the best way to express your gifts and talents.

But that is just my perspective. And you, from which place do you operate?