We Are | Purpose

To be at the service of the evolution of the consciousness of people and organizations, contributing to the emergence of new collective arrangements that regenerate the planet, through interactions open to development in transparent and true relationships.


  • How will the relationship of people’s meaning with Work, Service, Craft (every occupation useful for evolution) evolve ?
  • Will more women in power enable the energy of the healthy feminine in the service of transforming patriarchal society?
  • How will humanity deal with social inequality?
  • How will the evolution of consciousness affect and be affected by technology?
  • Will regenerative communities interconnect in a global regeneration movement?
  • How will intuition and spirituality influence organizations?


  • We trust the mystery and the unmanifest, we investigate what we can know at the border of the known;
  • Life flows and we are committed to support development and evolution;
  • Our consistency and practices allow us to co-create and provide transformation with what emerges;
  • Recognizing that everything happens in the sacred space of the we; we build transparent and respectful relationships.

We recognize ourselves as an Ecosystem.

This systemic complexity that reveals the relationships involving the individual and the whole. A community interacting and transforming with its environment, co-creating true and transparent relationships between individuals and contexts.

Inspired by the capacity for improvisation, perennial adjustment, constant movement, adaptability, and regeneration, we understand that life occurs in flux and in layers. It is an interdependent and constant dance that generates ever more life, through diversity, thus perpetuating abundance on Earth.

It is in this wisdom of the emergence of the flow of life that we act, learn, and place ourselves at the service of the most different and unexpected scenarios that may reveal themselves, where mystery and life manifest themselves.

We are the Chie Ecosystem.


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